Happy Wishes
Scarf Snuggle
Just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!! Even though everyone is busy and the days are shorter and for many, colder, I want to tell all my friends on LJ that I care for them deeply and hope they have a really good turkey day!^^

Well it's the 27th...
Red Kiss
So, happy birthday to me! And that's about it...

I feel like drawing, I think if I have time, I will...

Soon tomorrow comes...
Beautiful Stare
 Hey everyone, been awhile^^

Well, not much has been happening in my life, although it mostly sucks at this time...I'm in a state I don't want to be in, at a job that I hate going to every day...But I currently have a job ((Which is so nice)), and a place to live, so I'm trying to count my blessings. I miss the state I left with all my heart though.

Any way, tomorrow ((For me)) on October 27th, it's my birthday. YAY! Well, I suppose yay. I don't particularly feel like it's much of a celebration. It's just become one of those days where you wake up and go about life as normal, only you realize, that another year has gone by and you change the number for how old you are. I seriously look back on my years, and even though people say I'm still young, I wonder where my life has gone.

I don't expect any "Happy Birthday" wishes, gifts, art, food, anything of any sort, or even for it to be an important day.

At least I didn't expect it at first. One of my good friends was kind enough to give me some wonderful things. I'm very thankful to her for her sweet presents. She got me some doujin, and the Case 2 Death Note puchi set...All of them. It warmed my heart to hold Mello and Near in my hands. I cannot stop smiling at my doujins too. Pieta and Taikutsu from Balgus Rec, a lovely Mello/Near doujin by Vivid Spider, and an Itsuki/Kyon anthology. They're all so lovely.

Any way though...Just thought I should type a bit on LJ, even though I don't write a lot of journal entries, I am on it at least once every day. I miss you guys, and would love to chat more, though at times I feel awkward to comment, as I feel like a bit of a stranger on your entries. Sometimes.

Any way, I'll probably be back tomorrow, have a good day everyone^^

Well, this is it....
Beautiful Stare
   This coming Thursday the 29th, at 2:55 pm, pacific time......I'll be on a plane to another state. Moving....

    I don't really want to, I feel like a huge failure, and I'm kind of depressed, and deeply sad to be leaving my home state, but it's the only thing I can do. I am not making any head way as of now, and the last think I want to do is be homeless, and have to give up my precious cats...

I want you all to know that I care for you! I'll be back some day, I swear, but as I can't take my computer with me till I somehow get the money to ship it, I don't know exactly when that will be...I may be able to get online soon, or not for awhile, I have no clue.

It's all or nothing at this moment, I need to get a job, it's my only chance, and I cannot fail! Maybe this will be my step up in life, moving, maybe I can start over? I don't know...But it's time to really do things right this time...

Know that while I cannot be on the computer, I will still miss you guys so much! I hug you all, please wish me luck! *Huggles tightly*

Mello/Near, please give me strength!

~Make it or break it, do or die, all or nothing!~


   I'm pretty sure no one really remembers me, or if they do, have no need for me as a friend...

Wait, that sounds pretty harsh, my bad. I mean to say is that I've been gone so long, I can understand if people have thought I've dropped off the face of the earth, or even just left LJ.

I haven't really, but I've kind of been afraid to come on, like I don't deserve it. To be honest, I don't even know why I'm writing at the moment, maybe because I think I shouldn't be a huge coward, and face up to the people I care about...

Any way, times have not been so easy for me at the moment, I don't want to dump a ton of pathetic drama on people, it's not fair nor is it even right, but at this time I can say that time isn't exactly on my side. I'm praying for a job, working hard to get one, but if I don't....Well then, I won't be in a house to post on the internet. I wouldn't be in a house really. I don't know where I'd be.

Today is the 6th right? Well, searching for months, still jobless, I have till the 31st to grab a job, and a new place of my own, before as I would say, the shit hits the fan, pardon the phrase. My best friend has been the kindest, her parents so dear, to allow me to stay in their home, but my stay is only so long, and me staying longer has become a lot of trouble.

That's seeming really drama filled...I'll stop. I just want people to know that I care about them, and I'm really sorry for seeming to ignore everyone, and hiding. I don't want any one to hate me, and I don't want to lose friends, but I can understand if it happens. I will try to log in more, and talk with people as I can, but please forgive me if...Well if my attitude is sort of on the serious side, well, the "time is of the essence" side.

I've never prayed as much as I've been doing lately...I just hope something good can happen...

Thank you all for your time, if you read, and know that my heart is still open for my friends, they are the most dear to me...For in the end, not matter where I've been or what happens, I've come to know them as a closer family than any other...

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Jak and Daxter obsessed fan....

 It's after midnight for me, and I can't wait till later...Call me an obsessed geek but....


I have loved these games for years, and it's been three years till today since we've gotten a new one...I knew there would be more, I knew it!
The game looks wonderful, considering it's for the PS2 and PSP, which I'm really glad it's not for the PS3....I don't own one yet....


I can't wait to play it.....*Squeals and bounces around* Okay, you can ignore me....

Happy Bday Serena!
Lovely Near
Happy birthday to you! *Sings* Happy, happy biiiiiirthday! I really hope it's an enjoyable one, no matter what^^ So once again, happy birthday hun, my dear friend, kaiser_serena


Trick or Treat
Beautiful Stare
My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
yoyo_illuser goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as Carl Clover.
chise2602 gives you 11 pink raspberry-flavoured gumdrops.
hangdok gives you 4 dark green strawberry-flavoured pieces of taffy.
kaiser_serena gives you 3 light orange evil-flavoured jawbreakers.
kaostic gives you 16 teal pineapple-flavoured wafers.
kurosaki_akane gives you 13 dark green evil-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
melakenzu gives you 18 light green peach-flavoured pieces of taffy.
needlecream gives you 4 blue licorice-flavoured nuggets.
princessunikorn gives you 8 yellow banana-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
split_psychosis tricks you! You lose 46 pieces of candy!
xizarx tricks you! You lose 20 pieces of candy!
yoyo_illuser ends up with 11 pieces of candy.

I'm such a nerd right now for BlazBlue, especially darling little Carl...But why...Why did you two take my candy!? So mean.....
This looked fun to do, so I had to try it....You can ignore my sillyness if you so desire...

Now I want candy.....That I won't get tricked into losing....

Happy Doujin talk as well as Doujin Question

Talk of Mello/Near Doujin and a Jakoten circle question....Collapse )

Things in Regards to Death Note I Wish to Know
Beautiful Stare
I've been wondering for quite awhile now about two things and it's been driving me crazy....Certain silly little questions about Death Note that I really wish I could figure out....If any one has answers I'd LOVE your thoughts, opinions, and comments....

First, what kind of gun does Mello have!? I mean I know it's an automatic handheld...Yadda yadda....I suck knowing about guns...Blah...But does any one know what certain type of gun it is? As in the details regarding ?

Also...And this question I've been trying to figure out for months now, and it's because I know  next to NOTHING about cars...Seriously...I don't even own one or drive....What kind of car does Matt drive!? It looks vintage to me, like an older brand or something....But I just don't know >.<

Yeah, silly questions that are bothering me more then they should, but they are....Any one have a clue though?

Also, and this is just because I'm looking for it...Does the Doujinshi circle RIset.IC have a main site? Just wondering....


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